Employee onboarding tools to help support GDPR compliance

Accurate, safe and secure – effective management of employee data Helping businesses like yours work towards a compliant onboarding process

General data protection regulations

Lawful and Transparent

Businesses must be clear about what personal data is being collected and why.


  • Integrate GDPR policy into onboarding process
  • Clear, transparent and audited process
  • Instant access to data – easily handle DSAR requests

Data Minimisation

Only data that’s ‘necessary’ for each employee’s role can and should be collected.


  • Custom templates – role specific documentation
  • Avoid risks of ‘one-size-fits-all’ paperwork
  • Accurate onboarding data collection

Data Accuracy

Businesses must ensure that all employee information is accurate and up-to-date.


  • Automated process – minimises risks of human error
  • Fully scalable – efficient handling of bulk data
  • Create clean, accurate and accessible datasets

Storage Limitation

Only data that’s ‘relevant’ and ‘active’ can be stored – obsolete details must be removed.


  • Central data management – prevent info ‘fragmentation’
  • Synchronised data – protects duplicate and legacy information
  • Digital timestamp and audit of document activity

Confidential and Secure

Companies will accept full responsibility for security of personal data.


  • Paperless process – remove risks of posting documents
  • Secure cloud-based storage – allows for disaster recovery
  • Document ownership and audit trail

A guide to employee onboarding and GDPR compliance

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