Webonboarding Feature Update: User Enhancements

Webonboarding: New enhancement features

Based on feedback from Webonboarding users, Webonboarding have implemented several enhancements to improve onboardee experience and advanced communicative features.

What are the updates?

Improved documentation management 

During the onboarding process, onboardees will upload key documentation before starting their new job. 

Previously, there was less guidance for onboardees to understand what type of documents are required. This stage has been improved to ensure onboardees can submit documentation more accurately and ensure that documentation requested from the employer is clear. Documentation enhancements include:

  • On creation select from Upload, Download and Link
  • Add any documents and links
  • Display instructions using the information section
  • Items will be displayed to onboardees by type

Reading items are more accessible

An important part of employee onboarding is to ensure business documentation is clear, easy to find, and easy to read. Webonboarding has made the following changes to improve onboardee experience:

  • Reading items are shown to onboardees in the ‘Information Hub’
  • Reading items are now managed under ‘Reading & Courses’
  • Reading items include ‘Essential Reading’ and ‘Other Reading’

More time to submit employee details

Before, onboardees would have to fill out all details within one session. Now, users can go in and out of the system without losing pre-filled details. This means onboardees can save details for one section and come back to the other section at a more convenient time.

To use this feature, Webonboarding now has two buttons: ‘Save’ and ‘Complete’.

Do you have any questions?

To make your user experience with Webonboarding as seamless as possible, we welcome any feedback. Reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the new enhancements.

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