Fancy a break from a grinding hiring process?

Bringing successful candidates into an organisation should be the easy part of the hiring process.

You’ve done the recruitment, whittled it down to the best applicants, held the interviews and the successful candidates have accepted their new roles.

It often feels like the end of an exhausting process.

But, of course, it’s not and it’s the next part of the hiring cycle where so many HR teams can find themselves coming unstuck.

A recent study, commissioned by Webonboarding, found that nearly a quarter (24 percent) of HR management time is spent handling onboarding related tasks.

Employee onboarding covers all of the tasks required to convert successful candidates into new starters – from contract signing and reference checks to welcome packs and first-day admin preparations.

Pain of paperwork chores

The reason it’s so problematic is that more than two thirds (68 percent) of UK hiring teams are still using traditional communication methods to handle this tricky intermediary phase.

It creates a slow and inefficient onboarding process that can take weeks to complete as paperwork is posted out and information is chased up via phone calls and emails.

It’s a long, grinding paperwork task that eats up HR time and resources and can significantly increase the risks of successful candidates dropping out.

So what if your HR team could escape from this traditional approach?

Test drive a smarter solution

This is exactly what Webonboarding’s innovative cloud-based approach offers – removing so many of the headaches associated with bringing new hires into a company.

It strips away the need for any paperwork to be mailed out, with all of the communications seamlessly handled via an online portal – allowing onboarding times to be reduced from weeks to days. The benefits include:

  • Streamlined process – Save HR time and money
  • Improved hiring experience – Reduce dropouts, boost productivity
  • Robust data management – GDPR friendly compliance controls
  • Reporting tools – Track performance, maintain best standards

You can experience all of these benefits first-hand by taking a demo of Webonboarding to see how this can help support your own proceses. Request a demo here

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