Find out how we have helped our customers change onboarding for the better.

The ability to cope with change is what sets successful businesses apart.

It’s being able to keep evolving; to adapt to external changes while finding the best possible solutions for each new challenge.

It’s something that’s particularly important for any hiring organisation, faced with an increasingly competitive recruitment environment and the transition to digitally connected ways of working.

It’s helping organisations to handle this which makes working with Webonboarding’s customers and clients so satisfying and rewarding.

To make the move to any new system can be a big call.

For employee onboarding it means leaving behind long established paper-based and manual processes to adopt a fresh, cloud-based approach to onboarding. 

The satisfaction for Webonboarding comes from seeing the real-world benefits that are delivered to those companies who make the switch and reap the rewards of an automated system.

Practical benefits of better onboarding

For leading confectionery company, Kinnerton, this has helped them transform their handling of new hires – reducing times and improving the overall quality of experience for new starters.

The move to an automated process means they no longer have the laborious task of putting together individual starter packs and posting them off to each successful candidate. 

Employee onboarding can now be seamlessly managed and monitored in real-time across the company’s six sites, thanks to Webonboarding’s cloud-based approach. 

Kinnerton’s HR Business Partner, Lisa Barker, said:

“The recruitment process before was pretty horrendous. It was time consuming, it was lengthy and the end-user didn’t have a good experience at all.

“We can now send out a contract to somebody on a Friday and have everything signed, completed and ready for them to start on a Monday morning.

“Whether we’re recruiting somebody at director level, on the shopfloor or somewhere in-between – the whole process is significantly improved.”

Webonboarding removes the need for any paper-based or manual processes. Everything by hiring teams and new starters is handled via an online portal.

Helping companies to handle growth

It’s a simple, faster and user-friendly system which is helping Elliott, a leading supplier of modular and portable space buildings, to handle the company’s continued growth. 

One of the  key benefits of Webonboarding is the flexibility and scalability it has, helping to future-proof the onboarding process for a growing organisation.

For Natta Building Company, what started in 1972 with founder John J Whelan swapping a shovel for a JCB, is now a thriving company which uses Webonboarding to simplify and improve the management of new hires and sub-contractors.

You can find out more about each company’s experiences in these case studies.

Moving to a better onboarding management

No matter what shape, size or industry sector, the switch to Webonboarding offers a simple, practical way to improve the management of new hires. With radically reduced processing times, lower risks of drop-outs and improved workforce productivity, it offers a fast ROI (Return on Investment).

Find out more about how Webonboarding can help your organisation here

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