Have your onboarding demands increased as a result of COVID-19?

With the move to remote working and unprecedented shifts in hiring demands, these are challenging times for HR and hiring teams.

While recruitment is on hold in some sectors, others are faced with surging demands and the need to get new hires onboard quickly, particularly for health care workers and supply chain related roles.

For any organisation that’s having to handle these changes, the Webonboarding team can provide practical help, guidance and support.

Help to process onboarding documents

We can provide a helping hand and access to the tools needed to bulk process any number of digital documents, such as contracts of employment or new starter forms. Contracts of employment can be digitally signed and returned in no time at all.

It’s a way to reduce the administrative burden and help teams to quickly fill those roles that are so vitally needed.

Help to handle change to remote HR

Our team can also provide advice on how to handle the transition to a remote working HR team and ways to create a more flexible and future-proofed onboarding process. Onboarding can continue and does not have to work in isolation, even if teams are remote now.

Maintaining HR services

While a certain amount of disruption is inevitable during the crisis, it’s important to maintain processes wherever possible and to avoid businesses grinding to a halt for extended periods.

With no clear timeline on how long current restrictions will be in place, organisations face having to make some long-term changes to the way that onboarding is handled.

Traditional methods that require documents to be printed, posted, signed and returned are becoming increasingly untenable in a flexible working landscape with more homeworking roles.

Benefits of cloud-based solution

The switch to cloud-based processes allows every aspect of onboarding to be managed and monitored by a remote working HR team. A system such as Webonboarding handles every aspect with a completely paperless way to work. 

Candidates access everything they need via an online portal. Real-time tracking and automated alerts allow remote HR professionals to monitor and control every step of the process. The online tools mean it makes no difference where a HR team is located – whether it’s in an office or operating remotely.

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