How employee onboarding can give recruiters a competitive edge

Once a recruiter has found the right candidate for a role they typically hand responsibility over to the client’s HR team.

The hiring team will take over the process and handle all of the onboarding tasks that are required before a successful candidate becomes an employee.

Ideally this a smooth transition but that’s not always the case. In the worst-case scenarios, poor integration between recruitment and HR processes can result in a candidate dropping out.

It creates a disjointed experience for those recruited and creates the risk of administrative errors and delays as responsibilities shifts to the client.

It’s to tackle these potential problems that more recruitment agencies are exploring the benefits of adding employee onboarding tasks to their range of services.

Here’s a look at the benefits this can bring:

Improved candidate experience

From a candidate’s viewpoint, getting passed from external recruitment to a client’s HR process can be frustrating and confusing. Having built up confidence and trust in a recruiter, they suddenly disappear.

By taking a larger role in employee onboarding, recruitment agencies can complete the job that they started. It gives candidates a smoother and more coherent ‘journey’ that minimizes the risks of dropout.

Better client relations

The ability to take care of onboarding tasks can be a major benefit for clients. As well as reducing the administrative burden for the hiring team, it allows a recruiter to go that ‘extra mile’ for clients.

It allows them to take full ownership for filling positions, following the process through to a candidate’s first day in the role. The delivery of a smooth transition and the reduced risks of dropout help to build long standing relations with clients.

How cloud-based tools are transforming employee onboarding

The fact that more recruitment agencies are starting to explore ways to increase their role in employee onboarding is a move that’s being driven by technology. 

Traditionally, onboarding has been a slow and resource-heavy paper-based process, taking HR weeks to complete. The emergence of cloud-based management tools has transforming this, with real-time and automated processes.

Webonboarding provides a paperless and fully automated solution which allows the process to be managed and monitored from any location. Candidates access everything they need via an online portal or by mobile phone.

This gives recruitment agencies the ability to take on many of the onboarding tasks that have traditionally been left to the client. While the HR team may want to handle the basic contractual paperwork, a recruitment agency can play a supporting role, helping to communicate the culture and ethos of the candidate’s new workplace.

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