How mobile onboarding is reducing times from days to minutes

How long should it take a new starter joining your company to complete their onboarding documentation – weeks, days or…just minutes?

This is what’s possible with the move to an innovative mobile approach to onboarding.

Webonboarding’s  responsive design delivers users with a fully mobile onboarding experience. Everything a new hire  needs is accessible via a personal dashboard on their mobile device.

The onboarding dashboard allows users to:

  • Review and digitally sign contracts/offer letters
  • Check and edit their personal details
  • Add and change information on their referees
  • Check and confirm the agreed starting date
  • Access full reading lists and company document links

Digital signing allows contracts to be checked and signed virtually with no need for posted paperwork or the printing out of emailed documents.

The responsive design adapts to the user’s device with no downloading or installation of an app required. 

The benefits include:

Fast onboarding process

By giving candidates access to everything they need, wherever they are – processing times are radically reduced.

Enhanced employee experience

Mobile onboarding delivers a simple and seamless experience for new starters also minimises the risk of dropouts.

Competitive boost

A fast and agile hiring process means that to handle the demands of an increasingly tough recruitment environment.

User expectations

Delivers the kind of fast, fluid and mobile friend experience that’s perfectly in sync with today’s digitally connected world.

Benefits of a paperless onboarding process

Traditionally, the task of getting contracts and offer letters signed and returned is something that takes hiring teams days or even weeks.

By removing the need for paper documents to be posted or email attachments to be printed out, mobile onboarding creates a fast, fluid and streamlined process.

It removes so much of the stress and uncertainty that’s caused when prospective employees face an anxious wait before they can complete paperwork.

It’s during this ‘limbo’ period that successful candidates are liable to drop out and opt for alternative job offers.

A 2019 survey of 2,000 UK based office workers found that nearly half (46%) had experienced frustration onboarding experiences and for 10% this resulted in them dropping out.

Future-proofing for Good Work Plan legislation

A fast and efficient onboarding operation will soon become a legal necessity. The UK Government’s Good Work Plan, which goes live on April 6th, 2020, revises employment law.

It will make it a legal requirement for employers to provide any new hires with all ‘written particulars’ before starting their role. It’s a rule that many hiring teams are currently failing to meet.

Our 2019 onboarding survey found that two-thirds (71%) of UK employees said they had not completed their documentation before their job starting.

See how Webonboarding can help you transform your own new hire processes and request a call with us here.

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