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Trying to make sure your hiring processes meet all the requirements of the latest GDPR legislation can be a daunting task. Data protection has always been a complex area of company compliance and this has only been increased with the EU’s recent General Data Protection Regulation. With more stringent legal requirements, onboarding systems that complied with the previous data laws may no longer be compliant. It’s a tricky area to untangle. To help organisations gain a better understanding of the practical implications of GDPR, we’ve created a simple 12 step survey. It looks at each relevant area of your onboarding process and provides a rating, using a traffic light system.

Your onboarding processes: traffic light ratings 

We use the information provided in the online survey to rate the relative GDPR compliance risks for each aspect of your onboarding process:

Green rating

Onboarding processes are working well towards GDPR compliance. HR and Hiring teams have the right processes and tools in place to be facilitating a well structured employee onboarding plan.  

Amber rating

These highlight areas that, in the light of GDPR requirements, would benefit from being reviewed or updated. While they may not pose any immediate compliance risk, they are areas where alternative data processes and approaches should be considered.

Red rating

These flag those elements of an onboarding operation that pose the most significant GDPR risks. These are methods that will significantly limit your hiring team’s ability to provide the level of data control that GDPR legislation now requires.

We recommend that you review and update your employee onboarding processes to ensure you are working towards meeting GDPR compliance. It is a huge risk not to take action on this. Inaction can lead to data breaches, loss and fragmentation of personal data all of which defying the foundation of GDPR which is “the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data”.


While the ratings provide only a short overview, it’s a simple but effective way to start identifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of your approach to managing new hires and the implications this has towards GDPR compliance.

Take the GDPR compliance test 

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