The benefits of managing employee onboarding on your phone

It’s estimated that 96% of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone.

It’s our ability to instantly access and share digital information from wherever we are that continues to transform the world around us.

Mobile technology offers simple, fast and reliable ways to do everything from chatting with friends and family to shopping and managing our personal finances.

The more we become used to these kinds of benefits, the more we notice the inconvenience when they are absent.

This is why HR managers are increasingly looking to find ways to integrate the speed and convenience of digital connectivity into their employee onboarding processes.

Currently, the majority of hiring teams still use a traditional approach. The recent ‘Welcome Aboard’ survey found that two-thirds (66%) of employers rely on printed onboarding documentation.

Contracts and offer letters will be emailed or physically posted out to successful candidates. Paperwork has to be printed out, signed in ink and then sent back – either posted or scanned and emailed.

It’s a slow and cumbersome process which is completely removed by the switch to cloud-based employee onboarding. Webonboarding removes the reliance on any paper-based or manual tasks with everything made accessible via an online portal.

Featuring a reactive design, the system can be accessed with a mobile phone and the entire process completed using only the device. Digital signatures allow contracts to be remotely signed – completely transforming the onboarding experience.

The benefits include:

Reduced onboarding times

A cloud-based approach to employee onboarding reduces the time it takes to get paperwork signed off from days or weeks to minutes. It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety that’s caused when incoming hires have to wait extended periods before they can start.

User-friendly admin

The simplicity of checking information on a mobile device and instantly signing documentation is the kind of convenience that’s now expected. The tasks can be completed wherever and whenever the candidate wants.

Warm and engaging process

By removing so much of the administrative burden, it allows HR to focus more on building a welcoming and engaging experience for new starters. The online portal provides the flexibility to share any kind of information from helpful guides to welcome videos.

Compliance friendly approach

Having a fast and reliable way to manage onboarding is becoming an essential requirement to meet increasingly stringent legislative requirements. The Good Work Plan changes, which go live on April 6th, 2020, make it a legal requirement to provide written employment particulars on or before the start date.

Boosting company ‘brand’

Providing a mobile-friendly way for people to join your organisation sends out a positive message. It shows an organisation that is forward-looking, technologically savvy and cares about its employees.

As more hiring teams move over to cloud-based employee onboarding, this mobile-ready approach will start to become the norm. Having to fill out paper-forms or send off onboarding documentation will start to feel increasingly outdated. Read more about the benefits of mobile onboarding.

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