What are the benefits of a mobile approach to onboarding?

Creating an effective hiring process is all about making the experience as simple and smooth as possible for new starters.

You need to remove any of the potential frustrations or ‘bumps’ along the way that can so easily cause you to lose out on the best workers.

This means providing a fully mobile-ready onboarding approach which allows successful candidates to access everything they need – whenever or wherever they want.

This is what Webonboarding achieves, with a responsive design that allows easy access across digital devices – whether it’s a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

It’s a way of working which transforms the kind of ‘journey’ that’s experienced by a new hire when compared to a traditional paper-based approach.

Here’s a look at what kind of a difference this can make:

Webonboarding: Mobile-ready onboarding experience

A successful candidate gets the news they’ve been hoping for. An email arrives congratulating them, offering them the position and proving a link to an online onboarding portal.

They’re staying with a relative at the time but they’re able to access the Webonboarding portal using their mobile phone. It gives them instant access to everything they need. Each stage of the process is clearly laid out, with the contract available to be checked and signed using a digital signature.

They also find information and links to let them know more about the organisation – company history, policies, social activities etc. 

After checking through – it’s all looking great. There’s just one thing they need to change – the start date. So they make a request via the system to submit the amendment.

As they’re travelling home on the train the next day, they check the portal via their smartphone. They see the change has been approved and the contract has been updated accordingly.

They happily sign the contract using a digital signature and spend the rest of the journey leisurely checking through some more of the links and resources they’ve been provided.

It’s a fast, simple and seamless experience which helps to build on the excitement they felt when first being offered the job.

A traditional paper-based onboarding experience 

A successful candidate gets the news they’ve been hoping for. An email arrives congratulating them, offering the position and telling them a contract will be posted to their home address.

It creates a nervy wait as they check the post each morning to see if it has arrived. When it finally does, they check the contract and everything’s fine but they need to amend the start date.

They phone the HR department and are put through to the person dealing with this position but it goes through to an answer machine. They leave a message.

With no response after a day, they phone back and find out that the person they need is currently on leave. They’re put through to somebody who confirms the change and says an updated document will be sent out.

It means more waiting around and in the meantime, the only information they have is a number of officious looking policy documents.

From the initial elation of being offered the role, it’s a starting experience which makes them start to wonder if they’re making the right decision.

Improving the onboarding ‘journey’

It’s these kinds of experiences as a person enters an organisation that play such a crucial role in moulding the future relationship with the employer. In the worst case scenario, frustrations and lengthy delays will cause candidates to drop out of the process.

The recent ‘Welcome Aboard’ research, commissioned by Webonboarding, found that nearly half of new starters in the UK complain of having negative onboarding experiences. And for one-in-ten (10%) this had resulted in them turning down a role they had been offered. These kinds of dropouts can have a damaging impact on a business.

You can find out what a difference a mobile-ready approach to onboarding can make by requesting a demonstration here.

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